Chiropractic Fairlawn OH Corporate and Community Outreach Program

At Peak Family Chiropractic in Fairlawn, our team specializes in health and wellness to help build a stronger community. For the past decade, our team has worked as motivational wellness experts, nutritionists, chiropractors, and consultants in Fairlawn and surrounding communities.

Our presentations introduce the audience to invaluable health information and a plan on how to implement the information into their daily routine.

After listening to the workshop, those attending will feel inspired and equipped to share their message of health empowerment with their friends and family.

Peak Family Chiropractic provides completely free wellness programs to businesses, organizations, groups, non-profits, and schools.

Let us help you and your Fairlawn employees learn how to:

  • Set Up Ergonomic Workstations
  • Manage Stress
  • Break Bad Habits
  • Avoid Back Pain & Injury
  • Reboot Your Lifestyle


Lunch and Learn. Lectures teach new knowledge and skills, promote reflection, and stimulate further work and learning. Dr. Jeremiah Freedman brings vitality and enthusiasm to a lecture, people remain attentive and benefit from the presentation. We'll bring a thermal scanner with us as well, so everyone can have their neck evaluated on-site.

Massage Events. Our chiropractors will offer free onsite 10-minute chair massages to introduce the community to the benefits of massage therapy. Aiding in the relief from tension and headaches, massage also allows for deeper sleep, and improved productivity.

We love meeting new people in our community and reaching out to those who need our help. Please contact Jaclyn, our Community Outreach Assistant, to schedule an outreach event for your organization at or via phone at (330) 670-9400.

Our Top Ten Wellness Talks

We teach the three main types of stress in this workshop and how each affects us in different ways. An interesting aspect of this presentation is discussing how eating different kinds of unhealthy foods stresses our body internally causing inflammation (that is often the root of heart disease, high cholesterol and fatigue issues). In addition, we show how stress burdens our nervous systems and how that burden creates the pain we feel in our bodies.

We reveal why so many people don't get the results they want from exercise. We will teach an incredible secret that will allow you to make your exercise far more efficient in far less time, and that will help you effectively eliminate pain, soreness and stiffness while increasing your overall function. Learn a simple 30 minute routine you'll actually be inclined to do in order to jumpstart your day with more vitality, improving your body's ability to combat stress all while boosting your immune system!

One of our favorite talks is "Ten Steps to a Healthier You." This talk gives practical solutions to maintaining your health through 10 simple changes you can make that will impact your health for a lifetime. We'll also talk about stress, what to eat, what to avoid and the impact of environmental chemicals. We address what alternatives will enhance health, wellness and promote a higher quality of life.

Staying fit while you sit at a desk is not an easy task. Constant physical stress, from sitting all day at work, can be hard on our bodies. This workshop will help motivate you to stay fit and healthy and teach you how to reduce the effects of stress and tension on your body. You will learn how to protect your spine and to get rid of the headaches, neck pain, shoulder blade pain and lower back pain so commonly associated with sitting occupations and office environments.

Exercise, diet, nutrition, sleep, proper posture and body alignment all play significant roles in controlling our energy levels. This talk addresses the common reasons people feel low on energy, how to get back your energy if you have lost it and how to maximize your personal performance.

Let's face it, heart disease is the number-one killer in America and its causes are not a mystery. We'll focus on how one develops heart disease in the first place, how to avoid it, the importance of exercise, diet, maintaining a healthy weight, lowering cholesterol and how nerve function plays an important role in keeping your heart strong and healthy.

Want to feel your best every day, have high energy levels and wake up feeling better than when you went to bed? If so, then this workshop is for you! We explore different aspects of health and nutrition and where we commonly make mistakes that can lead to sickness, disease, and even early death. Feeling your best every day is the key to happiness at home and at work.

Everyone experiences stress, especially during the holidays. This talk focuses on maintaining your health and happiness. You'll get practical solutions to maximize your health and vitality around the holidays. There are 10 simple changes to make today that can impact your health for a lifetime. The talk addresses stress, what to eat, what to avoid, and stress management. We address what alternatives will enhance health, wellness and promote a higher quality of life.

Due to repetitive movements, constant sitting and heavy lifting, back pain and spine-related injuries are the largest dollar cost item for many employers. During this talk, we explain all of the causes of back, neck, shoulder pain and headaches, how they can easily be corrected and exactly how to avoid them. This presentation has saved employers thousands of dollars and is especially popular with employers whose work environments emphasize manufacturing, warehousing, driving, sitting and manual labor.

Weight gain affects our work performance, energy levels, affects us at home, causes sleep issues, blood sugar problems and increases our likelihood of developing a stroke or heart attack. This candid discussion on losing weight offers a variety of practical methods of shedding those unwanted pounds.


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