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Chiropractor Fairlawn OH Jeremiah Freedman


Jeremiah Freedman D.C.

Dr. Jeremiah Freedman was born in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and raised in Kent, Ohio. His interest in chiropractic began as a child when his family chiropractor took care of all his bumps and bruises.

It wasn’t until Dr. Freedman struggled with illness as an adult that his interest in chiropractic flared into a passion. Traditional medical doctors had given up on him and had told him he had to live with his pain, illness and discomfort. That’s when he turned to chiropractic and natural alternatives for help. His chiropractor at the time told him he wasn’t crazy and helped him make a full recovery.

There’s been no turning back. Dr. Freedman decided to dedicate his life to helping people discover that there are alternatives to pills, pain, and misery. A graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Freedman opened his own office back home and his stated purpose became “My goal is to be the doctor that people can go to when they’ve lost all hope. I want to be there for them, their children, and their children’s children.”

Chiropractor Fairlawn OH Deanna Freedman



Dr. Deanna Freedman was born and raised in St. Charles, Missouri. Her interest in alternative medicine began as a teenager when she discovered that her mom managed her asthma with chiropractic. She would say, “I can always tell when I need an adjustment because I need my inhalers more.” That’s when Dr. Freedman decided to study chiropractic.

A graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Freedman began her career as a traditional chiropractor. However, when she began to struggle with her own weight issues and stress she turned to vitamins, nutrition, and naturopathic medicine for help. “The diets weren’t working, the diet pills weren’t working, I was losing my hair, and I was tired all the time. Nutrition and naturopathic medicine was the only thing that really worked.”

Because of the impact on her life, Dr. Freedman decided to move her practice in this direction. She specializes in nutrition, weight loss, and chronic fatigue syndrome and uses mineral analysis, hormone testing, and blood labs to see exactly where her patients are having problems. “My patients have tried everything and still have trouble. When they come to my office, we learn exactly what’s causing the problem and then we tailor a specific plan to meet their needs. I want to help when all else has failed.”

Chiropractor Fairlawn OH Aubree Jones



​Dr. Aubree Brachna is a native of Chautauqua County, New York. She graduated from Falconer Central school in 2008 and continued her studies at the University of Mount Union in Alliance, OH earning her Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology in 2012. Dr. Aubree then went on to earn her Doctorate in Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College in 2016.

Dr. Aubree was an avid athlete in high school, and college, which originally led her into the field of chiropractic. By visiting a chiropractor, Dr. Aubree was able to stay pain-free, healthy, and very physically active throughout her athletic career. She has always had the vision of helping others live the same pain-free and active life she was able to have through the healing power of chiropractic care.

While at NYCC, Dr. Aubree was active in several clubs and organizations which taught her several different techniques so that she can use whichever is best and most beneficial for her patients. She has a great sense of pride for the community and wants to help those around her. She has a passion for chiropractic care and wishes to spread that passion throughout the community. Her mission is to help her patients become healthier through elimination of their pain, promoting a healthful diet, and helping them lead physically active lives.

Chiropractor Fairlawn OH Kody Severino



​Dr. Kody Severino was born in Ashtabula, OH. He graduated from Edgewood Sr. High School in 2009. Dr. Kody continued his studies at the University of Mount Union in Alliance, OH, earning his Bachelors of Science in History and Exercise Physiology in 2013. Dr. Kody then went on to earn his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2017.

Dr. Kody became interested in chiropractic when he was injured while playing sports as a child. Growing up, Kody was an avid wrestler and quickly learned how chiropractic benefited the body as a whole. Chiropractic helped him on the mat, in the classroom, and in his everyday life. Since then, he was hooked on learning more about the body and its potential for overall health. It became his passion to teach others about health and wellness and how it can benefit their lives.

Dr. Kody was active in multiple clubs and organizations which taught him several different techniques so that he can use whichever is best and most beneficial for his patients. While at Palmer College of Chiropractic he was involved in the Motion Palpation Club, Soft Tissue Club, and Sports Counsel. Dr. Kody is involved in the community by coaching at a local CrossFit gym, as well as working local events such as 5k’s, marathons, MMA, and surfing competitions.

His mission in chiropractic is to provide his patients with the greatest potential for health and to educate them on the importance of chiropractic and what it can do for them and their families.

Chiropractor Fairlawn OH Alex Calderone



Dr. Alex Calderone made her way here from Birmingham, Alabama. She received her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at the University of Alabama. She then proceeded to Palmer Chiropractic College of Florida to continue to pursue her dream of becoming a Chiropractic Physician. Dr. Alex became intrigued by Chiropractic at a young age when searching for helpful treatments for her father who had back pain due to a past motorcycle accident.

She was later fortunate enough to work as a CA for the Chiropractor for the University of Alabama Athletics where she was able to grow her passion for chiropractic even more. Although she was able to learn a lot about conditions and how chiropractic helped others, she was unable to connect the dots to her own health issues that she had grown to write off and ignore.

Throughout Dr. Alex's teen years rolling into adulthood, she had a myriad of health issues herself that included tinnitus, dizziness, and severe menstrual pain Though seeking out medical care for her dizziness and tinnitus, she was never able to obtain relief. She began to ignore her pain because she lost hope in finding answers. She felt defeated and that her own body had betrayed her. It wasn't until her first quarter of Chiropractic School that she finally decided she couldn't ignore her issues anymore as her menstrual issues were causing her to miss school to remain in the fetal position for 2-3 days. Upon going to the ER, she found that she had multiple ovarian cysts and a splenic cyst. Answers as to why we're still not able to be obtained. Instead, medication was administered, and surgery was scheduled to remove one of the larger ovarian cysts. She was hopeful that she would wake up from the surgery with relief but instead woke up with regret to find out that the surgeon had removed the whole right ovary. Dr. Alex comes from a large Sicilian family and is passionate about having a family of her own one day. To wake up and find out that that chance was cut in half, was absolutely heart-wrenching.

As painful as this scenario was, it allowed Dr. Alex to truly understand the need for chiropractic care and the importance of understanding its global effects on the body and its organ system functions. It also allowed her to understand the danger of IGNORING. Dr. Alex decided to search for answers and a better route to care for the benefit of others and herself. During the remainder of Dr. Alex's Chiropractic education, she was able to further learn of natural alternatives to all care. More importantly, she found out how necessary it was to find the CAUSE for the problem and to aim efforts towards fixing the cause rather than getting rid/covering up of a symptom. She continued her education into an Internal Medicine Diplomat program where she was able to learn how to diagnose and treat conditions naturally through supplementation.

Dr. Alex's quest is to prevent others from having to go through the roller coaster of medications and surgeries that she experienced. "I want to help and encourage others not to ignore pain, not to accept defeat, and to get their life back. Our body is amazing! And given the proper support and care, we should be able to live a fruitful and happy life".


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