Chiropractic Testimonials

I Can Hear Again!!

"When I first began my treatments with Dr. Freedman, over a year ago, I had suffered profound hearing loss in my right ear, due to an infection. The hearing loss was documented by an audiologist at my ENT doctor's practice. I was told the loss was probably permanent and that the best I could hope for was minimal improvement.

This week, after over a year of Chiropractic care with Dr. Freedman, my hearing was tested by the same audiologist who originally tested me, and I was examined by the same doctor who originally tested me. I have no hearing loss in my right ear now and it has returned to 100% NORMAL!!

I attribute my return to normal hearing to my chiropractic care! Thank You"

- Beth I.

My Success Story

"I am 16 years old and have been diagnosed as having ADD and depression. Before beginning my chiropractic care, I was on Concerta for my ADD and other antidepressant medication. Since starting treatment, I've been able to stop taking both, my ADD medication and antidepressants! I find that I'm able to stay focused longer and am doing a lot better in school.

All of my teachers are impressed and so is my mom! I'm doing a lot off my medications than when I was on them!!

Thank you so much!"

- Bob L.


"My allergies are the best they have ever been during spring(my worst season)! My sinuses are clearer and I've had no migraines since I have been coming!"

- Carrie P.

"My allergies were very bad before is started chiropractic care. i had to take many different pills for relief...nothing helped. Since I have been coming to get adjusted, my allergies are better and maintained without medication."

- Twila G.


"For many years I have suffered with severe depression, and have been under the care of a local Psychiatrist as well as medication. I have had numerous medication adjustments and changes, but I still had the deep, severe depression. After starting my Chiropractic journey with Dr. Freedman, approximately two months ago, I have noticed a huge difference. I feel better physically, but the severe depression is much better. Life is better!

Thank you Lord and thank you Dr. Freedman!"

- John H.

Family Health

"I am no longer dependent on pain killers everyday. I'm able to sit and stand without sharp pain all the time. I can walk without a limp, finally and I am very grateful for that! Thank you so far and I am looking forward to the rest of my treatment."

- Mike D.

"I have three children under the age of seven and in the past year of their chiropractic care I have only been to their pediatrician twice and one of those visits was an annual wellness exam--now that is success!!!"

- Stacy D.


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